Security Budget Planning…

Any new security undertaking must consider budgeting and financing. Typically, most attention is focused on external costs such as a security system. There may be little or no consideration of collateral costs… costs which an  significantly influence the planning process and implementation phasing.

Kentucky Regional Forensic Laboratory Frankfort, KY

Kentucky Regional Forensic Laboratory
Frankfort, KY

Such costs can arise from external sources such as door hardware,  monitoring of systems, added work not provided by an integrator or from internal sources such as the interdepartmentally billed IT costs for support and network infrastructure.  Personnel cost for program/system administration, reception and security staff, web site development and database management and the development costs for policies and procedures can also significantly impact budgets. Collateral costs can be an unintentional consequence of a security provision:  As an example, a new card-control turnstile was placed at  a site perimeter…  a  location more distant from  the work station. The union brought suit against the owner saying that the new access control provision constituted  a “work check-in” point, adding 15 minutes of labor per individual, per shift. If this suit was  successful, it would have added hundreds of thousands (eventually millions) of dollars in labor costs.

SDLLC is experienced at recognizing these impacts and bringing issues to the attention of the Client for consideration.  Such costs are not readily apparent and may not arise until the program has been fully implemented.


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