Security Design Support…

Design is a complex problem-solving process requiring  collaboration between skilled design  professionals and the stakeholders they serve.    As part the design team, we can assist in a significant range of security strategies,  techniques and behaviors that we can support during the design process.    Often such issues are left to manufacturer-supplied hardware consultants and integrators whose product portfolio is limited only to the products they represent and their expertise as it relates to those products. Their interests lie  primarily in quantities they can vend to the project.   Our interests are independent, with allegiance only to our Clients. In fact our participation can result in savings.

Nucleus Innovation Park University of Louisville Louisville, KY

Nucleus Innovation Park
University of Louisville
Louisville, KY

The list below provides a number of services we can offer to the project design team.

  • Access control strategies including implications for impact on the organization, policies and procedures
  • Applicable standards and business best practices
  • Blast mitigation design
  • Chemical, Biological and Radiological (CBR) event mitigation design
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
  • Doors, locks and related hardware with special expertise in electrical door controls and specialized entry controls
  • Electronic Access control systems and services
  • Emergency alarm and communications systems
  • Evaluation of technical proposals from integrators and product vendors
  • High risk space planning
  • Identification of qualified technical security resources such as integrators and hardware suppliers
  • Key control and management
  • Lifecycle costing and estimating for security solutions
  • Lighting systems and controls (as it relates to security)
  • Mail room, loading dock,  package inspection and delivery processes
  • Vehicular parking and pedestrian security
  • Video and surveillance systems
  • Visitor management and controls
  • Security product identification and selection
  • Security system implementation planning, budgeting and life-cycle costing
  • Security system policies and procedures

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